Broadly speaking, the content team:

  • Takes information about policies, programs, and the pandemic and puts it into language everyday Californians can understand
  • Applies content design principles to make information easy to find and understand
  • Collaborates with researchers to understand people’s needs and designers to create visual arrangements that compliment the words on the page

How we do it

Almost all content is managed through WordPress. Thanks to the engineering team(https://teamdocs.covid19.ca.gov/teams/engineering/) (using rad ideas from our Research, Analytics, and Design (RAD) teams) we’ve got a lot of custom elements we can use to create a great digital experience. General info about editing content, including handy code snippets, is a good place to start.

We host images and files, like PDFs, through github.

You can upload files like:

Some content in WordPress requires working in custom solutions created by the engineering team.

We have several custom widgets and pages, including:

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