ICU data update timeline

The Regional Stay Home Order is no longer in effect. As a result, the parts of this process related to regions moving in and out of the Order are no longer being performed. The process is detailed here in the event it’s needed again.

Daily postings of ICU actual regional data

  • Daily ICU regional data should be available by 7:00 pm Pacific the night before it is posted. Data will be included in the daily Governor’s Office (GO) report and then messaged up to GO and California Health and Human Services.
  • The data is published on covid19.ca.gov by 12:00 pm Pacific daily (the next day). It’s reflected simultaneously on the California Department of Public Health site as a link.

Day of announcement

  • The covid19.ca.gov website team is notified/confirms by 8:00 am Pacific that a region is under a SAHO to make changes on their map.
    • Confirmation would hopefully come the night before through the data.
  • Example of timing of order:
    • Post at 12:00 pm Pacific Saturday
    • Regional Stay Home Order effective 11:59 pm Pacific Sunday (one day after posted)
  • Posting on covid19.ca.gov occurs as planned by 12:00 pm Pacific.


  • Blueprint data comes weekly, the same cadence as before (embargoed notification to LHDs on Monday, posted by 12:00 pm Pacific Tuesday).
  • Regular Blueprint rules apply with tier movement.
  • Run data and post as regular.
  • Allow county moves to a less restrictive tier if not under Regional Stay Home Order.
    • A county cannot move if it is in a region under Regional Stay Home Order.
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