Replace a translated PDF

To replace a translated PDF, you’ll start in Airtable before actually uploading the file through github. You’ll return to Airtable to finish.

Start in Airtable

  1. Log into Airtable.
  2. Open the ODI File Tracker base (purple).
  3. Select the ODI File Tracker tab, and the ODI Publish Files view.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select the + to create a new row.
  5. In this new row, go to the ODI Status field, select the + sign, and select the 10.4 Translated guidance or checklist received label.
  6. In the Language field, select the + and then select the label for the language that is being published.
  7. In the ODI industry guidance category key field, select the + sign, and select the appropriate industry label.
  8. In the PDF Template field, select the + and select the guidance label.
  9. Add the file name and the permalink in the appropriate fields.
  10. Move the finalized guidance PDF that’s ready to be published to the Google Drive Publish folder. This file must be correctly named before moving to the Publish folder.
  11. Once the file is in the Google Drive folder, copy the link to the file and paste it into the URL google drive location field in airtable.
  12. In airtable, add a Target web publish date for this file.
  13. Download the file from Google Drive Publish folder to your computer.

Github steps

  1. Go to https://github.com/cagov/covid-static.
  2. Select the pdf folder.
  3. In the upper-right corner, select the Add file button.
  4. Select Upload files from the dropdown menu.
  5. Upload your file by dragging it into the Drag files here to add them to your repository box or selecting choose your files and using the popup window. You can attach multiple files if you want to upload all translated guidances at one time. Do not upload the EN PDF as it will replace the currently posted English PDF which may be more recent than the translated pdfs received.
  6. In the Commit changes section, enter brief details (less than 50 characters) about what you’re doing in the first line that contains the placeholder text Add files via upload, (for example, “replacing-translated-guidance-hair-salons-13” with 13 indicating that all 13 translations are being replaced by this upload). This information will be available in the Github history and #code-movement on Slack to identify what changes happened.
    a. Adding additional details in the larger box with the placeholder text Add an optional extended description is only if you have extended information to add.
  7. Select the green Commit changes button to submit the PDF for upload.
  8. To track the status of the PDF upload, select Actions in the menu at the top of the page. The text added in the Add files via upload line from the Commit changes section will be listed here. When a green check mark appears to the left of this text, the PDFs have been uploaded (~1 min).

Finish in Airtable

  1. Copy the URL in github, return to Airtable, and paste the link in the Github download URL field, and also add the commit hash to the git commit hash field.
  2. Select the permalink in Airtable to verify the the file has been uploaded. Make sure the new date is showing on the file at this link.
  3. Add the date and time of publication to the Date updated web field.
  4. Return to the ODI Status field, and select the + to add the 16 - File published status.
  5. If the translated guidance is one of the 6 languages that are not fully supported on the site (Armenian, Hmong, Khmer, Punjabi, Russian, and Thai), create an issue in Jira to have these URLs added to the Industry guidance in Other Languages page. Once those are added to the site, return to Airtable to document that in the Internal log field.
  6. If any metadata issues are identified with the file, use the Internal log field in the Airtable record to document those.
  7. If the date on the front page of this translated guidance PDF is not the same as the current English version of this guidance, document that in the Airtable record using the internal log field.
  8. Once you’ve published all availabe translations for this guidance, check the boxes in the Notify Labor field.
  9. Go to the PDF Historical Files base in Airtable (pink). Use the first tab on the left, and the Grouped by industry category view. Find all of the translated guidance PDFs for that language that have been uploaded and make sure the box is checked in the is same as public version in api field for the most current file published.

Final steps

  1. Email stakeholders confirming the guidance has been published.
  2. Message developer to update CSV to pull latest github information into Airtable records.
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