Video section

The video section of the homepage is updated through the Video Section WordPress post.

What you need to update

To update a PSA video, you’ll need:

  • The YouTube link to the video you want to feature
  • Approvals from the Office of the Governor for the video to feature, title, and video description. Talk with a product lead to get this approval.
  • A high-res image still from the video

To feature a press conference, you’ll need:

For the Governor’s or Secretary’s press conferences, the WordPress post already has images and descriptions loaded in. Update the date, time, and description as appropriate.

How to update

  1. Choose whether you want to feature a PSA video (first row), Governor’s press conference (second row), or secretary’s press conference (third row).
    a. Put yes in the Active column for video you want to feature and no in the other rows.
  2. Change the Video Title.
    a. For a PSA, this is the title in YouTube.
    b. For press conferences, update the date and time it’s going live.
  3. Change the Description.
    a. For a PSA, this is the description it has in YouTube, approved by the Office of the Governor.
    b. For press conferences, use the existing description or the YouTube description if it mentions a specific topic.
  4. Change the Video URL, Video ID (last part of the YouTube URL), and (if needed) Image URL.
  5. For a PSA, change the Image Alt Text (use the title of video or another helpful descriptor).
  6. Do not change the ButtonText (call to action) or ButtonURL (CTA destination).
  7. Add the staging-only tag and select Update to stage.
  8. If all looks well on staging, remove the staging-only tag and select Update to publish.

These are approved by the Office of the Governor, so do not deviate from them without checking with a product lead first.


  • Video Title: [Title of video]
  • Description: [YouTube description, modified if needed]
  • ImageALT: [Title of video]
  • ButtonText: More video messages
  • ButtonURL: toolkit.covid19.ca.gov

Governor’s press conference

Secretary’s press conference

  • Video Title: Live at [12:00 PM]: Press conference with Dr. Mark Ghaly
  • Description: CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly addresses California’s response to COVID-19.
  • ImageALT: Press conference with CA CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly
  • ButtonText: See past press conferences
  • ButtonURL: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZqpl41f-8c_DHaRyq9LCD5vHqT-CMkgA
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