Context and history

Since launching covid19.ca.gov, the website has gone through 3 main design revisions.


covid19.ca.gov was launched in March 2020 when the first Stay Home Order was announced. The design was largely based on the design of alpha.ca.gov.

Screeshot of V1 homepage


The first major revision was launched on INSERT DATE based on user feedback.

Screeshot of V2 homepage


The second major revision was launched in Septemeber 2020. The look and feel of this design was created by a vendor retained by the Governor’s Office. This revision focused on giving a stronger voice to the website, richer media, and visual alignment with the California for All campaign.

Screeshot of V3 homepage


The design has not undergone any major revisions since September 2020, but we have released iterations and added new pages and features that were driven by research, feedback, and developments in the response to the pandemic. These include:

  • More focus on the neeeds of businesses in California
  • New and improved data dashboards
  • More content and features to tell the story of equity
  • Myriad updates related to California’s vaccine rollout.

See sample projects in the Research portion of this documentation to learn about what drove some of these updates.

Screeshot of current homepage

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