Research’s primary goal is to listen and engage with the public to address their needs and improve their overall journey when performing their tasks. Research informs product decisions by framing the problem we are trying to solve or testing assumptions and hypotheses we previously had.


We use quantitative and qualitative techniques and tools to actively and systematically engage with the public. These include:

  • Interviews to surveys on specific topics
  • Feedback on site
  • Intercepts to gather data from our existing visitors
  • Call center referrals
  • Usability testing sessions amongst other techniques

When research begins

In general the trigger for research starts with:

  1. the product manager request to better understand the visitors for a specific page, to inform feature updates, or product direction.
  2. the internal team desire to further explore needs uncovered by exisiting data collection sources such as surveys or google analytics.
  3. the request from an external stakeholder to further explore a topic or a group.
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