Research, analytics, and design (Team RAD)

The research, analytics, and design are interlocking functions. We affectionately call them Team RAD.


The Research team listens and engages with the public to address their needs and improve their overall journey when performing their tasks. Research informs product decisions by either framing the problem we’re trying to solve or testing assumptions and hypotheses.


The Analytics team provides data and reporting in support of the content, research, and design teams, as well as external stakeholders.


The Design team collaborates with research, content, product and engigneering teams to visualize and prototype website updates.

Who is this section for?

Our objective is to ensure a researcher, analyst, or designer is comfortable with the tools and processes we’ve used and able to apply them. This section is for:

  1. Other researchers, analysts, or designers working on COVID-19 sites
  2. Other web teams within California state government that are interested in certain aspects of what we’ve done (for example, understanding how to use or set up their own intercept)
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