Lessons learned

🤔 Tips for Success

  1. Set aside time for generative/discovery research and exploratory data analysis to inform new avenues for satisfying unmet needs and unmet segments.
  2. Find the balance between what people want (and when they want it) and the right solution. Visitors always ask for more than what they need. It’s the team’s decision to decide what to deliver and what to omit.
  3. Spend time building systems and processes that can scale and become reusable.
  4. Communicate with other stakeholders and agencies early on and include them in the process to avoid duplicated projects and strengthen buy-in from partners. This creates fruitful collaborations.
  5. Adopting some type of heatmapping tool will help the research and the analytics teams get a bigger picture around how visitors are using the pages and overall site. It will provide more insights on things like where people get stuck. Combined with an intercept, you can follow up and learn why. This minimizes guessing and enables data-driven decisions. 😃

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