The analytics team provides data and reports that support the content team, research and design team, and external stakeholders. There are a few automated reports built to help these stakeholders identify trends and changes in user behavior on the site. Some ad hoc analyses that have been instrumental in providing recommendations are outlined below.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used statewide to roll up all agency reporting xyz. We use Google Analytics for xyz.


We use two analytics views for reporting:

For historical reporting, we combine data from both views. For the Alpha view, we start with the date range of 3/18/2020 and end on 3/24/2020. We combine that data with data from the covid19 view starting on 3/25/2020.

Data Studio

There are three automated dashboards/reports:

The COVID-19 Website Daily Report has two pages that get updated. One gets updated daily with website changes that are live and in progress and the other page gets updated weekly with the top ten call center questions and a summary of survey feedback. This report is sent out to COVID-19 team members and external stakeholders (vendors, Governor’s Office) automatically Monday through Friday around 8:00 pm Pacific.

The COVID-19 content analytics dashboard is automatically sent to members of the content team. This tracks site things like content views, internal searches, and accordion clicks every Monday at 8:00 am Pacific.

The Vaccines Page & MyTurn Analytics Report is automatically sent to a few COVID-19 team members and external stakeholders (Accenture, Blue Shield, California Department of Public Health) Mondays at 7:00 am Pacific.

Event Tracking

We set up custom events to collect additional data about our users (like page elements) to supplement research and reporting. See the Analytics - event tracking section of the Engineering documentation for more further details.

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